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Tomlinson Run Church

Our 2015 Gospel Meetings

Spring Meeting with Mark Copeland
April 19-24 (In Progress This Week!)

2015 Spring Gospel Meeting
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The Transformed Life - From Caterpillars to Butterflies
Motivated By the Mercies of God
Offering Bodies as Living Sacrifices
Not Conformed to This World
Transformed By Renewing Our Minds
Proving the Will of God
Serving the Body of Christ
With Christian Graces
Overcoming Evil with Good

Fall Meeting with Doug Roush
September 13-18
We meet for services at:

9:30 AM Sunday for Bible Study
10:20 AM Sunday for Morning Worship Services
6:00 PM Sunday for Evening Worship Services
7:00 PM Wednesday for Midweek Bible Study

You are welcome at all of our services!

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Sketching the Scriptures
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Monday Bible Class

4/27/15 - What Does the New Testament Teach About Fasting
5/18/15 - What Does the New Testament Teach About Alms?
6/29/15 - The Innocent for the Guilty: The Whole Price for Sin, Part One
7/20/15 - The Innocent for the Guilty: The Whole Price for Sin, Part Two
8/17/15 - What is the Significance of a Cross?
9/15 - Why God Abandons the Reprobate
10/15 - What was Jesus' Purpose Between the Resurrection and the Ascension?

Monday Class Notes

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